Saturday, April 2, 2011

A day full of bunny

Today was a bunny day.  I volunteer at 4 Lil Pigs n Buns guinea pig & rabbit rescue.  My day started with a trip to Suncoast Humane Society to pick up some bunnies.  Well, 3 bunnies turned into 1 bunny, since two of them were not yet neutered.  I did take this handsome harlequin boy...

He is just gorgeous - and he is a love too.  He's super friendly, and is easy to handle.  He is a BIG boy though!  Apparently he had been at Suncoast for quite a while - his size was probably working against him.  I adore the big bunnehs :)  Hopefully we'll find him a good home soon.  As for the other 2 still at Suncoast, I'll pick them up once they're neutered.

After picking up Harley, I drove up to the Sarasota Petco to meet everyone there.  The rescue works with several Petco stores around the region, and the Sarasota store was having a "Grand Re-opening" today.  I brought my foster piggy Squirrel and the new bun.  We had some other adoptables there too - a couple buns, some pigs, and even some mice.  Another volunteer brought the freaking cutest rabbit ever - she was from Sarasota Animal Services.  Here she is all flopped out:

My poor Squirrel piggy was a trooper through the whole day.  He's such a great pig.  He chilled out in his cozy most of the day.  Goodness, he was sure happy to get home though!  I can't say that I blame him!
It was quite a day - overall it was pretty successful.  We actually got some decent donations, and found a few people that seemed genuinely interested.  Of course, for every one "good" person, there are 50 who have "sad bunny stories" to tell.  And why on earth do people think we WANT a "free" bunny.  This lady came up to us today and asked, "Do you want a free bunny?" - like she was doing us a favor.  Ugh.  Lady, what I would LIKE you to do is spay/neuter your bunny, have him live in a nice indoor location, feed him a proper diet, and give him a decent life with LOVE.  *Sigh*  Lady, it's because of people like you that our organization exists.  Well, we will keep doing what we're doing.  There's a lot of other people out there at other rabbit rescues, volunteers at humane societies, foster homes...all these people come together to help out all these little critters who don't have a voice.  I'm glad to be a part of it!!

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