Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ah, the glory days of (almost) summer

I've spent the last three days of work out in the field, and the weather was gorgeous for 2 out of 3 days.  Guess I can't complain, although I was the lucky person who got to drive the boat on the super windy day.  NOAA predicted the winds to be west @ 10 kts yesterday.  Uh, no.  The winds were south-southwest at 15 kts all day!  It was a bit snotty in the middle of the harbor, so I definitely got my daily intake of salt water.

We weren't doing anything quite as exciting as catching sawfish this week, but it was nice to have a break with something more low-key.  Monday was a regular fisheries sampling trip, and Tuesday & Wednesday were spent catching water samples.  Oh yes, the ever elusive water sample...

I did quite enjoy being on the water today.  I got a break from being the driver, so it was nice being able to take catnaps between sample sites!  We stopped for lunch on a nice sandy beach in the Myakka River, then finished our day of water sampling.

Some good news on the bunny (and guinea pig) front this week too!!  Someone has inquired about my foster guinea pig boys.  Here's hoping it pans out into a good home for these deserving little piggies!  Squirrel has been waiting for a home since January, and I just picked Chipmunk up from Suncoast Humane Society last week.  I would love to see them in a wonderful adoptive home.  Of course, being their foster mom, I won't adopt them to just anyone!
The other guy I picked up at Suncoast has been quite popular this week!  Thor has had quite a few inquiries, so hopefully he will have a home very soon.  It's hard to resist the little guy.  He's pretty freaking cute.

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